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Schools Uniting Neighborhoods

Everardo Martinez, Site Manager

In Multnomah County, SUN Community Schools are full-service neighborhood hubs where the school and partners from across the community come together to support student and family success. All schools in David Douglas School District are part of the Community Schools network, and Floyd Light has been a SUN School since 2009. The lead agency coordinating SUN services at our school is El Programa Hispano Católico, a trusted provider of social services that specializes in outreach to the Hispanic community. They can be found at

What does SUN School DO?

SUN Community Schools strategically organize community resources to provide educational support and skill development for youth and adults, extra enrichment activities outside of the regular school day, and family and community events. The SUN Site Manager also connects families to social, health, and mental health resources available through the lead agency and within the broader SUN Service System. At Floyd Light, the SUN staff coordinates our on-site Food Pantry (sponsored by Oregon Food Bank), provides academic support and recreation opportunities during the SUN Extended Day, and offers adult education and family strengthening workshops throughout the year.

What? When? Who?
SUN activities are open to all Floyd Light students. Parents/guardians must complete a SUN Registration form for each participating child before students can enroll in SUN classes. Specific information about SUN classes is available through the SUN Activity Guide, which is released a few weeks before each term. Fall, Winter, and Spring SUN classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and a wait list is implemented when maximum capacity is reached. With few exceptions, SUN classes are offered at no cost to families and include a free meal after school, two hours of academic and recreational activities, and transportation home by way of the Activity Bus. SUN events will be communicated in newsletters, student bulletins, and via school-wide phone calls throughout the year.

SUN REGISTRATION forms need to be completed annually. Students who already have one on file (from Summer 2018/19) are good to go for this school year, unless it is missing information. Students new to SUN will need to complete registration forms before beginning activities. These are available in Spanish, Russian, and English.

Get in-touch with us:
Please call the SUN Office (x8744) with questions; our staff are bilingual (English/Spanish) and would love to talk to you about how SUN can support your family. For more information about the SUN Service System, the research and history behind this model, and outcomes at Community Schools, visit

Welcome to your Community School!

Need help paying your electric or natural gas bill?
Apply for energy assistance with El Programa Hispano Católico.
For more information or to make an appointment please call our Energy Assistance line and leave a message at (503) 489-6842. Somebody will return your call!


  • Food Pantry is every Tuesday from 4-6pm. The Food Pantry IS OPEN from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM in the Cafeteria. All are welcome to come! We love to support students and families within the Floyd Light community and also are open to any other members of the surrounding community.
  • We are always looking for more volunteers to help during the food pantry – if you are interested in helping out weekly or simply on occasion you can reach out to the SUN office at 503-256-6500 x8744. There is an especially great need of volunteers who can speak Russian, Chinese, or Vietnamese.
  • Tentative Dates
  • Fall – Oct 14th-Dec 13th 
  • Winter – Jan 13th – Mar 5th 
  • Spring – Apr 6th- May 29th 

Here are a few reminders:

  • All Floyd Light students are welcome to participate.
  • To register, a student’s parent/legal guardian must fill out the 2019-20 registration forms and class selection form.
  • Activities are filled on a first come, first served basis.

 Manager : Everardo Martinez contact for is 971.293.8805 During the school year it is school number plus x8744