Student of the Month

Students who exemplify specific character traits are recognized monthly.  This includes a family breakfast, presented with a certificate during an assembly, and other weekly acknowledgments.  Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions, our acknowledgments have become virtual and we will mail certificates home.

Celebrating these wonderful Floyd Light Students for the month of September and October!!!


Sequoia Chorn

Trinity Coon

Zora Drake

Deriyan Fair Streeter

Yahir Interian Uc

Evan Jasper

Saijoun Mayeda-Williams

Todd Murphy

Briana Nesta

David Vasquez

Sofia Vergara


Ja’Maree Gann

Alyssa Gilmore

Paisley Gomez

Nghi Luu

Samarah Massey

Raphael Moreno Ramirez

Yahkyll Noil

Juan sierra Mendoza

Jenny Tran

Madison Elliott

Marybeth Dunbar

Abagail Deitas

Tahani Ahmed


Ximena Barcena

Keeley Bowers

Fatima Calderon

Michael Cardenas

Patience Dupree

Foiat Feleke

Keagan Gordham

Kamuela Gulpan

Alauna Huff

Pandora Skondin