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I have a Chromebook, now what?

Setting up Wi-Fi on a Chromebook (for families): Step by Step

Logging on to a Chromebook (for students): Step by Step

Chromebook Tips and Tricks

How do I access my school email?

Switching between Multiple Google Accounts on to a Chromebook: Step by Step

How do I use Google Classroom?

Do you need internet?

The district has a very limited number of Hotspots left at this time. Hotspots are for families that do NOT have the internet at home. A Hotspot will not be any faster than your wi-fi because it uses 4G cell services.

How To Setup Your Hotspot:

Is your wi-fi slow/weak/spotty?

Call your internet provider and ask for assistance. The service provider has the tools and access needed to troubleshoot any issues.

If you need further assistance, please contact Family Technology Support

Phone: 503.261.8391