What’s Happening At Floyd Light Middle School?

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The Weekly Floyd Light Community Newsletter

VISION: Content, self-motivated students who take initiative for success.
MISSION: Providing a safe, engaging, supportive, and rigorous learning environment.

March 18th, 2019
Volume 5, Issue 26

Equity Committee, Designated Months, and Volunteer Opportunities: Floyd Light’s Equity Committee is part of our Executive Committee that meets weekly and is headed by Mr. Pease. So far we have celebrated Hispanic Month, Lunar New Year, Black History Month, and are currently working on Woman’s History Month. Activities have included bulletin boards, elaborate displays, M/W/F quotes, Suggested Advisory Lessons, and Book Displays in the library. Also, though late, we had a Volunteer Opportunity form available during conferences. Please stop by the office, or ask for a form to be sent home with your student, to get a volunteer form.

Expectations: We have many expectations to maintain the best learning environment, both physically and emotionally, as possible. There are specific reasons for each one of these. Thank you for your support!

o Gum to be spit out when entering the building.
o Open Food not allowed in hallway and many rooms (Educator Choice)

o Hats/Hoods – off/completely down while in the building
o Procedure: Ask to spit out, put away, take off, pull down completely § Refusal is possible minor/major referral.

The Floyd Light Family Leadership Team (FLT): The FLT will have our March meeting this Monday, March 18, from 6 to 7:30PM, in room 26! The Floyd Light Family Leadership Team is your opportunity to work directly with school leadership and be a part of big changes happening at Floyd Light. Last year the FLT helped to bring a mindfulness curriculum to all advisory classes, and this year the team is focused on making Floyd Light a more welcoming place for all its students and families. At Monday’s meeting, families will work on solutions they proposed during February’s meeting to address bullying. The FLT meets monthly with the principal, the SUN office, and other school leadership. Snacks, childcare, and Spanish interpretation will always be provided. For more information, call the SUN office at (503) 256-6500, extension 8744.

Every Day Counts!: Our current Attendance percentage is slightly above 94%. I would like it to be closer to 97%! Please see that your student is in school as much as possible! The rate since January 7 has been 92.5%. Thank you!