What’s Happening At Floyd Light Middle School?

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VISION: Content, self-motivated students who take initiative for success.
MISSION: Providing a safe, engaging, supportive, and rigorous learning environment.

May 20th, 2019
Volume 5, Issue 34

No School on Monday, May 27: We will be closed for the Memorial Day Holiday.

Last Week’s Revised Schedule:

  • 6/10: Regular B Day
  • 6/11: Regular A Day
  • 6/12: Regular Late Start B Day w/ locker clean out last 15 min.
  • 6/13: Full day w/ Oak’s Park Reward for those eligible w/ Yearbook Signing at the end of the day.
  • 6/14: Dismiss at 10:15. Awards/Talent Show Assembly, plus

Every Day Counts!: Our current Attendance percentage is slightly above 94%. I would like it to be closer to 97%! Please see that your student is in school as much as possible! Last week, the rate was around 92%.

State Testing: Our annual State Testing called Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) for English/Language Arts and Math will be starting at the end of April. Among other expectations, students are NOT to have cell phones while testing – this is a strict rule and could result in disciplinary action. Please encourage your student to keep their cell phone in their locker or at home during the testing time. Thank you!

Reward Trip: Every year we reward as many students as we can with a trip to Oak’s Park (Thursday, June 13th). The following will get a student excluded from the trip (from Page 24 in the Student Handbook. HOWEVER, students excluded can earn their way back! Each student is excluded will get a letter on Monday, April 29th in their Advisory class. Let Mr. Pease know if you have any questions.

  • You have more than five (5) Major Disciplinary referrals
  • You have Less than 85% attendance
  • You have more than 20 Unexcused tardies
  • You have more than one out-of-school suspension
  • You have Fines: Library, Athletic Fees, Textbook Fees.

FL Parent Club Fundraiser:

It’s not to late to turn in orders for the Old Chicago pizza fundraiser. Prepaid cards can be purchased from the office and traded in for a free large pizza when you dine in. You can purchase one card for $15.00 or two for $25.00. All proceeds go to benefit our Parent Club and are available to