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For up to date district wide parent Information, please visit our District Parent News Site . The information found on this page applies to all of the schools in the DDSD.

Opting Out of Oregon Summative Assessments

House Bill 2655 allows parents to opt-out of Smarted Balanced in English Language Arts and/or Math for any reason using a state developed Opt-Out Form. This rule for opt-out of state testing must be completed annually.

OAR 581-022-1910 allows parents/guardians to request that the district excuse their student from OAKS Science, ELPA21, Kindergarten Assessment, and Extended Assessments based on either a disability or a religious belief.

ELA/Math Opt-Out Official Form:

English | SpanishVietnamese | Chinese | Russian | Somali

OAKS Science/ELPA21 Opt-Opt Official Form:

English | Spanish | Vietnamese | Chinese | Russian | Somali

Annual Notification Parent Letter :

English | Spanish | Vietnamese  | ChineseRussian | Somali

30-Day ELA/Math Opt-Out Notice (grades 3-8 & 11)

English | Spanish |  Vietnamese | Chinese | Russian | Somali

Potential for Shift to Temporary Comprehensive Distance Learning

The rapid spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 is having a huge impact on the staffing of our school buildings. Infections are keeping many staff at home and preventing many potential substitutes from filling the need. On a typical day, we are unable to fill even half of our staff absences.

If this trend continues and increases, it begins to become a safety issue in severely understaffed buildings, and there is a potential for temporarily closing heavily impacted schools to protect both students and staff.  Families should be prepared to switch temporarily to comprehensive distance learning. If that decision is made for your child’s school, it would require about two days to make the transition, and we will be in contact with you during that time about picking up laptops, hotspots and other issues.

Take Steps to Stay Safe and Slow the Virus

Please help us to slow the spread of this new variant. A layered safety response is known to dramatically slow the spread of the virus: 

  • Wear masks;
  • Socially distance from others;
  • Wash your hands;
  • Avoid crowds;
  • Ventilate indoor spaces where and when possible.

Most importantly, all who are eligible should get fully vaccinated, and those who are fully vaccinated should get a booster as soon as they are eligible to receive one. The vaccines are proven to be the most effective way to slow the spread of the virus and prevent serious illness, hospitalization and death for those who do get infected. For your family’s sake, and for the health of our community, please get vaccinated if you haven’t already.

Students aged 5 and older, as well as their families, can schedule a vaccine shot at the Student Health Clinic on the campus of David Douglas High School. It hosts vaccine clinics twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. See more information here.

Our District website has information on additional opportunities to receive a vaccine in our area. View them here.

Test to Stay testing consent forms

We will soon begin our new test-to-stay program, which will allow unvaccinated students and staff who were exposed but are not showing symptoms to stay in school. You received information about this new program prior to winter break.

Get a head start on allowing your student to be tested by filling out the test consenting form. Students 15 and over can fill out their own consent forms. Parents/guardians can fill out a form for younger students. You can pick up a form from your child’s school, or download the linked forms below, fill them out and return them to your child’s school.