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Chrombook turn in:

  • 8th graders are asked to turn in their Chromebooks to be cleaned and returned before the start of school next year.
  • 8th graders can turn them in during the 8th Grade Celebration on Thursday, 6/17 from 2:00 – 3:30.
  • Or, they can turn them in on Friday, 6/18 from 10:00 – Noon.
  • If a student is in 9th Grade Counts, they are to keep their Chromebook.

This summer Floyd Light Middle School is offering a 16-day FREE IN-PERSON summer learning enrichment for students. The purpose is to continue academic learning through fun hands-on (Project-Based) activities along with building a positive ‘re-connection’ with In-School Learning.

COVID safety guidelines will be followed.

Click here to sign up for the summer learning program. Make sure to register your student for NEXT YEAR’S grade level.

If you have any questions or need help with signing up, contact any of the following office staff:

Program Highlights

  • Dates: Monday-Thursday, July 12th through August 5th
  • Academic (Project Based Learning) 9:30 AM to 12:20 PM 
  • Optional afternoon enrichment activities (Playworks & SUN Program) 12:20 PM-2:00 PM
  • Class size: 15-18 students
  • No Classes on Fridays
  • Lunch and Transportation are provided

Week of June 14th Schedule:

o Monday, June 14 Group A In Person. Group B and C in Google Meet from home (normal schedule).
o Tuesday, June 15 Group B In Person. Group A and C in Google Meet from home (normal schedule).
o Wednesday, June 16 Group A In Person. Group B and C in Google Meet from home (normal schedule). o Thursday, June 17 All Groups in Distant Learning (no In Person) in special schedule (B day):

Period 5: 10:00 to 10:25
Period 6: 10:30 to 10:55
Period 7: 11:00 to 11:25
Period 8: 11:30 to 11:55
8th Grade Drive Through Celebration 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM (details to follow)

o Friday, June 18 Teacher Work Day. No school. Building open.

FREE Pfizer Covid Vaccinations available for ages 12 and up:

  • Covid 19 Vaccine: The Oregon Health Authority is now providing Pfizer’s two-dose COVID-19 vaccination for individuals age 12 and older. The Oregon Convention Center is now open for FREE vaccinations: you can walk in without an appointment or you can schedule an appointment through the Student-based Health Center on the David Douglas High School campus.

Or to schedule your own appointment, see operating hours and get additional information at: https://all4oregon.org/

Students ages 12-14 must be accompanied by either a parent, a guardian, or someone designated by the parent. If accompanied by an adult other than a parent, a student must have a parent-signed consent form.

In addition, you can also schedule and receive free vaccines at most Walgreens, Safeway or Fred Meyer.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to get vaccinated. The only way to fully end our pandemic restrictions is for at least 70 percent of all eligible people to get fully vaccinated.

CTE Summer Camp at David Douglas High School:

  • Just some quick highlights of camp this year:
    • Dates: Monday, June 21 – Thursday, June 24: 9am – 2pm
    • Camp will be capped at 40 students (total) and include a waiting list
    • Participating programs include: Culinary, Metals, Construction and MakerSpace
    • Lunch and snacks are provided
    • Transportation from middle schools is provided
    • Covid protocols will be in place: masks, social distancing and students will be in same pod of 10 each day If you’d like hard copies of all applications – including translated – please see below.

8th Graders planning on doing High School Athletics Next Year:

8th Graders Interested in Cheer or TAMS Next Year:

June Menu:

News from the Library:

The Floyd Light Virtual Library is now CLOSED
Got Books? There are many books still out from the unexpected COVID closure last March. If you still have library books, you can drop them off at any school in our district.

Need Books? Every student in our district has access to free ebooks and audiobooks all summer long on our e-reading platform. Using any web browser, go to https://soraapp.com/library/ddsdor. After selecting David Douglas School District or entering code ddsdor at the bottom, students can sign in using their student email, then username is their 6-digit student ID and  password is their  8-digit date of birth (mmddyyyy). All materials can be renewed or will return automatically after 2 weeks. You can also download the free Sora app on any mobile device!

Free online digital and audio Library through SORA:




New and continuing Floyd Light students are invited to join us for 4 weeks of fun at SUN Extended-Day Programming. Spring SUN is about safely socializing with other Floyd Light students after school and joining in extracurricular activities, in person! Students may register to attend programming activities based on their interests and hybrid school schedule. Please see more information below.

The link to purchase online is: https://commpe.pictavo.com/ If you have any questions, please contact ame_williams@ddsd40.org or gina_schuermeyer@ddsd40.org



  • To access your classes,  please log into your studentvue account. If you are having trouble logging into studentvue please contact the office; Mrs. Espinoza, angela_espinoza@ddsd40.org  or call 503-256-6511

School Times: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM Monday(A) and Wednesday(B) OR Tuesday(A) and Thursday(B)

Student Dashboard (student google login)

SORA-Online Books and Audio Books

Virtual Library

Technology Support

DDSD Master Calendar

Students with Insecure Housing

Food Resources

Nutrition Services

School Supply List for CDL

MCL Help with logging into your account:

Do you need help with your Library Connect number and password? Drop in to our Library Connect Office Hours on Zoom! Multnomah County Library staff will be available to reset passwords and answer questions about Library Connect. Students, be ready with your student ID number and we can help with the rest!

Wednesday mornings don’t work for you? Contact us at libraryconnect@multco.us to see how else we can help. You can call us at 503-988-5123, or chat us between 9am and 5pm to get help with passwords, or anything else. https://multcolib.org/contact

Homework Help:

The Multnomah Public Library has free live homework help after school, just sign in and get help. Also available in Spanish. 

Did you know that all libraries offer free wireless printing? You can send items to the library’s printers from almost any device or location with an internet connection, and we’ll hold your prints for up to 5 hours. No appointment needed. No page limits. multcolib.org/mobile-printing

Khan Academy is a FREE website that you can use to get help on a variety of subjects from first grade through HS!


Families can request support from our Family Help Desk (Phone: 503.261.8391 e-Mail: family_help_desk@ddsd40.org) but in all actuality there is very little that the DDSD team can do to support weak/slow/spotty Wi-Fi in the home.  Our recommendation is to call your internet provider and ask for assistance.

Counselor’s Corner:

Here are some Wellness tips:

1. Sleep: make sure you are getting enough of it. It can really affect your stress levels

2. Exercise: it is super important to get outside when you can and at least go for a walk

3. Give yourself Grace: Be kind to yourself, try not to be too hard on yourself, this is a very difficult time and we are all trying our best. 

4. Routine: Having a schedule for yourself helps reduce stress 

5. Stay connected: Even though it’s a lot harder at this time, it’s important to try to reach out and connect with family and friends. 

6. Gratitude: Focusing on positive things can actually change your mood. It takes practice and sometimes it can be hard to find positive things but the more you do the easier it gets. 

How to contact your counselors:

We are here for you! Here is our contact information if you need to reach us:
If your last name starts with the letters A-L, Mrs. Charles is your counselor.If your last name starts with the letters M-Z, Mr. Betker is your counselor.

If you would like to make an appointment us, here is the link:https://forms.gle/xbJNpPtCQjtNnG8x7
If you would like to say hello or ask a question, please feel free to email us or you can call or text us. We are always happy to hear from you. 
Mrs. Charles: email: samantha_charles@ddsd40.orgphone number (call or text): (503)592-0786
Mr. Betker: email: sean_betker@ddsd40.org
phone number (call or text): (503)401-3178

Visit our virtual office!
Counselor Bitmoji Office link:https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vTuzJHTunZ3Xav9oNqSSmOIH8tW-fy33znwhafmRqr74nwFFseK0sWhxPG693Iwgmd-NqQNi9LgRb-K/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=60000