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Hello Floyd Light Families,

A reminder for high school athletic events:
Middle school and elementary grade students must be accompanied (and supervised) by their parent(s)/guardian(s) to gain entry to all home athletic events. If students show up to or are dropped off at any games they will not be allowed to enter the event and parents will be called to pick them up. Students should also always have their student ID with them (will be given during picture day).

There are no backpacks, skateboards, bikes, or outside food and drinks admitted as well with any students.

We appreciate your support in accompanying your student(s) at high school athletic events!

Thank you, 
Mr. Pease

Fall Sports

  • There are no fees for the season.

  • Football grades 5-8 need a physical on file with the district to participate, in addition to being registered.

  • 7th and 8th grade volleyball is a tryout sport and grades 6-8 need a physical on file with the district in addition to being registered.

  • We do need volunteers to coach for both sports. Please encourage parents to sign up.

    Suzie will follow up with an email with more information like start dates and times as we get closer to the season. Thanks for supporting our kids!!!

    Here is the link to the Community Sports page and they can choose their preferred sport from there. https://www.ddouglas.k12.or.us/community/community-sports-recreation/



  • To access your classes,  please log into your studentvue account. If you are having trouble logging into studentvue please contact our school office at 503-256-6511 and we would be happy to help!

Student Dashboard (student google login)

Middle School Calendar

Bus Information

Food Resources

Nutrition Services

School Supply List

For the Library

Library Expectations for students

Keep food, drinks and gum outside the library. 

Enter & leave the library with voice volume 0 and hands to self.

Speak in a voice volume 0 or 1

Follow directions the first time 

Take care of our books the best you can 

Be respectful of your words and actions towards yourself and others. 

Phones off and away.

Library Hours 

The library is open to students (8:45 am – 2:00)

Library visits (class time) are ~ 30 minutes long. If you need more time or want to collaborate ahead of your class visit, shoot me an email and I will do my best to make it happen. 

Students and Books

-starts 3 week of school (SORA is available!!)

  • Students can check out 3 books for up to 21 days.
  • Overdue books count as 1 of the 3 books students can check out. 
  • An “overdue” book becomes a fine after 90 days.
  • Fines are paid to Angie and Angie alone.

When can students check out books? 

Class visits – usually with ELA and/or ELD class

Teacher approved class time – need a pass from their teacher  (please review section below)

Recess – see Mrs. Rabin before school or in between advisory and period 1 / 5 for pass. 

When can students return books?

Before school, on the way to advisory or period 1 / 5. 

between class periods

Teacher approved class time – need a pass from their teacher (please review section below)

Student resources available

Destiny Discover


Homework Help:

The Multnomah Public Library has free live homework help after school, just sign in and get help. Also available in Spanish. 

Did you know that all libraries offer free wireless printing? You can send items to the library’s printers from almost any device or location with an internet connection, and we’ll hold your prints for up to 5 hours. No appointment needed. No page limits. multcolib.org/mobile-printing

Khan Academy is a FREE website that you can use to get help on a variety of subjects from first grade through HS!

Counselor’s Corner:

Here are some Wellness tips:

1. Sleep: make sure you are getting enough of it. It can really affect your stress levels

2. Exercise: it is super important to get outside when you can and at least go for a walk

3. Give yourself Grace: Be kind to yourself, try not to be too hard on yourself, this is a very difficult time and we are all trying our best. 

4. Routine: Having a schedule for yourself helps reduce stress 

5. Stay connected: Even though it’s a lot harder at this time, it’s important to try to reach out and connect with family and friends. 

6. Gratitude: Focusing on positive things can actually change your mood. It takes practice and sometimes it can be hard to find positive things but the more you do the easier it gets. 

How to contact your counselors:

We are here for you! Here is our contact information if you need to reach us:

If your last name starts with the letters A-L, Mrs. Charles is your counselor.

If your last name starts with the letters M-Z, Ms. Johnson  is your counselor.

 make an appointment with one of us

If you would like to say hello or ask a question, please feel free to email us or you can call or text us. We are always happy to hear from you. 

Mrs. Charles: email: samantha_charles@ddsd40.org phone number (call or text): (503)592-0786
Ms. Johnson: email: stephanie_johnson@ddsd40.org phone number 503-256-6500 X 8317