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Remind your Student(s): Bring the Chromebook/charger and water bottle EVERY SINGLE DAY! Thank you!

Our Fall sports registrations are open! We will have Football and Volleyball for grades 3-8.

  • There are no fees for the season.

  • Football grades 5-8 need a physical on file with the district to participate, in addition to being registered.

  • 7th and 8th grade volleyball is a tryout sport and grades 6-8 need a physical on file with the district in addition to being registered.

  • We do need volunteers to coach for both sports. Please encourage parents to sign up.

    Suzie will follow up with an email with more information like start dates and times as we get closer to the season. Thanks for supporting our kids!!!

    Here is the link to the Community Sports page and they can choose their preferred sport from there. https://www.ddouglas.k12.or.us/community/community-sports-recreation/

This summer the Multilingual Programs and Equity Department will be continuing our language exchange program, Intercambio. Our two Family Engagement Specialists Jean Ulysse and Sarah Sheikh will be leading this program at multiple schools. Everyone is welcome! 

There is no registration needed and all sessions will be outdoors.  

Date: July 12th – August 5th

Time: 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Native American Cultural Night – 2022!

Save the Date …

Native American Cultural Night – 2022!

When: Friday, May 20th, 2022, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Where: David Douglas High School – South Cafeteria

(close to the Performing Arts Center)

1500 SE 130th Avenue – Portland, OR

We are excited to announce that our DDHS Indigenous Student Club and our DDSD Native American Parent Advisory Council (NAPAC) along with our Community Partners are hosting a Native American Cultural Night open to the public on May 20th! Our free event will include music and dance, traditional foods, and workshops for all ages.

Mark your calendars and join us for a celebration of Native American culture and community!

Here is a 1:30 minute video from our inaugural

Student Assessment and Accountability

State Assessments have begun. Please make sure your student is eating and resting well.

David Douglas School District support student success on the Pathway to College and Career Readiness by promoting, monitoring and supporting a balanced assessment system. The department provides valid and reliable data from multiple measures to inform curricular and instructional decisions and facilitates the use of assessment information by a variety of users to answer questions about student progress. DDSD ASSESSMENT PAGE

Here are 10 tips to assist your child with an easier test-taking experience.

Practice reading questions thoroughly. Many students have a tendency to skip over important details within a test question because they are going too quickly. Have your child practice reading slowly and thoroughly, to help develop this habit prior to the test. Remind them that the test is not a race and it’s important to read questions carefully. 

Make sure your child never skips a question. It is better for your child to make their best guess than to leave a question blank. Teach them to eliminate all the answers they know are wrong by drawing a line through them. If they need to come back to a question, they can mark the question for review.

Serve a healthy breakfast and facilitate good sleep. It might sound silly but it’s easy to fall into bad habits after the holidays. Help your child get back to a strong routine. Make sure your child gets enough sleep and eats a healthy breakfast throughout the year, especially in the days leading up to the exams. Try to avoid sugary food such as donuts and stick to food which will be a strong source of energy for your child, such as eggs or whole-grain toast. 

Help your child continue actively learning on weekends. Plan activities on the weekend that will help stimulate your child’s curiosity. Reading their favorite book, visiting a museum, creating crafts and going to the library are just some of the ways to maintain their learning. 

Set aside time for your child to rest. It can be easy for your child to get caught up in a whirlwind of studying and anxiety. Make sure you set aside time each day for them to relax and do something they enjoy. 

Practice test questions at home. Try practicing test questions with your child and setting goals for them to achieve during this process. It can be especially helpful to do this if your child is struggling with a particular subject. Your child’s teacher or school library may be a good resource for sample test questions. Remember, the purpose of this is to boost your child’s confidence, so make sure your study sessions are short and not overwhelming. 

Always double-check. Teach your child to always double-check their work and answers. It only takes a few extra minutes and can help them catch any mistakes before submitting their test. 

Be prepared with the right materials. Make sure your child has all the materials they need for the test (such as their Chromebook, pencils, eraser and paper), so they can feel confident and comfortable. Check with your child’s teacher if you have any questions. 

Play educational games. Look for games and programs that will excite your child about learning. This will help maximize their learning capabilities and keep them engaged in preparation for the test. 

Stay positive. Don’t put too much pressure on your child. If you are stressed or anxious about the test, chances are your child will be too. Be encouraging and make sure your child knows you believe in them! Celebrate your child’s efforts and accomplishments all year, especially in the days before the test. 

After testing, give your children time to reflect on their emotions and experiences. Remember, standardized testing is just a tool to help discover how your child is doing in school. It does not define their academic success and the outcome should only be used to uncover strengths and weaknesses. Encourage your child to set goals based on their results and celebrate each time they achieve one.

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Our Counseling page has a list of available community resources

Digital Media:

As students learn how to balance real life and digital life, it’s important for us to teach our kids how to use technology in a safe and responsible way. This digital world, which can bring young people incredible resources and learning opportunities, also opens up the very real parenting challenges of managing non-stop screen time, preventing cyberbullying, finding age-appropriate content, and more

Common Sense Media is an organization that provides essential resources for families to manage the impact of challenges like this. We’ve asked their editors to compile a list of their most popular articles and tip sheets to guide parents as they raise responsible and thoughtful digital citizens.

Grades: Please use your smart phone or your student’s Chromebook to check your child’s grades using ParentVue (or StudentVue). If you need the ParentVue information, please contact the Floyd Light office at 503-256-6511. You can also email me or call the office if you would like a current copy of grades and missing assignments.

Opting Out of Oregon Summative Assessments

House Bill 2655 allows parents to opt-out of Smarted Balanced in English Language Arts and/or Math for any reason using a state developed Opt-Out Form. This rule for opt-out of state testing must be completed annually.

OAR 581-022-1910 allows parents/guardians to request that the district excuse their student from OAKS Science, ELPA21, Kindergarten Assessment, and Extended Assessments based on either a disability or a religious belief.

ELA/Math Opt-Out Official Form:

English | SpanishVietnamese | Chinese | Russian | Somali

OAKS Science/ELPA21 Opt-Opt Official Form:

English | Spanish | Vietnamese | Chinese | Russian | Somali

Annual Notification Parent Letter :

English | Spanish | Vietnamese  | ChineseRussian | Somali

30-Day ELA/Math Opt-Out Notice (grades 3-8 & 11)

English | Spanish |  Vietnamese | Chinese | Russian | Somali

Cell Phone Use at FLMS:

ParentVue vs Google Classroom:

PLEASE use ParentVue when reviewing your student’s assignment completion, grades, and attendance. Google Classroom is GREAT for delivering instruction but is NOT accurate for student progress. If you do not have access to ParentVue, please contact our office at 503-256-6511, and they will get you connected.

Homework Help:

The Multnomah Public Library has free live homework help after school, just sign in and get help. Also available in Spanish. 

Did you know that all libraries offer free wireless printing? You can send items to the library’s printers from almost any device or location with an internet connection, and we’ll hold your prints for up to 5 hours. No appointment needed. No page limits. multcolib.org/mobile-printing

Khan Academy is a FREE website that you can use to get help on a variety of subjects from first grade through HS!

Poster: Reading Matters; a student who reads is more likely to score higher on standardized tests.