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During the 2-4 week “Freeze”

The Office will be closed but calls will be answered. Essential items such as Chromebooks can be picked up outside the front door. Also, meals and food pantry are still available at the regular times/places.

ParentVue Log in and set up information:

Family Technology Support

If you do not have access to ParentVue or StudentVue, please contact Floyd Light’s Main Office Angela Espinoza, angela_espinoza@ddsd40.org  or 503-256-6511.

  • Attendance Calls: Automatic Attendance Calls have started. You can always check your student’s attendance through ParentVue and are welcome to call the office for more information (503-256-6511). We always know that there are many good reasons for not being able to connect. If possible, please have your student keep up on the work in Google Classroom.

  • Contact Information: If your address or phone number has changed, please contact the office, so we can change the info in our system.

  • Food Pantry: Floyd Light’s Food Pantry is every Monday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. We will be open 12/21 and 12/28 during Winter Break. Please drive through our Bus Lane and a box/bag will be available.

  • Office Hour: Starting Thursday, December 3rd, Floyd Light will have an ‘Office Hour’ every Thursday from 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM. This will be an opportunity for families to ask questions or give input. This is an experiment that hopefully goes well! Feel free to ‘stop by’. Here is the link:
  • https://meet.google.com/egw-ewua-rex?hs=122&authuser=0

ParentVue vs Google Classroom:

PLEASE use ParentVue when reviewing your student’s assignment completion, grades, and attendance. Google Classroom is GREAT for delivering instruction but is NOT accurate for student progress. If you do not have access to ParentVue, please contact our office at 503-256-6511, and they will get you connected.

Parent Group Meetings

Our next Latinx Parent Group is next Wednesday, November 18th (for elementary & middle school families): “How to Prepare for Conferences”. Our next Somali Parent Group is next Thursday, November 19th (for all of our Somali families): “How to Prepare for Conferences”. The times are listed in the attached flyer.

Immunizations and flu shots at Student Health Centers:

Three Multnomah County Student Health Centers are open and providing immunizations (and flu shots). These shots are especially important this fall. Because of COVID-19 we want to prevent as many other illnesses as possible. If your student is missing immunizations, now is the time to catch up. Exclusion day is coming soon! Even during distance learning your student may be excluded if they are not caught up on immunizations.

Any Multnomah County K-12 youth can receive these services at any of our three open centers, and there are no out of pocket costs. We take all types of insurance and will serve you if you’re uninsured. Visit our website for more information.

Call for an appointment

David Douglas 503-988-3554 1034 SE 130th Ave.

Parkrose 503-988-3392 12003 NE Shaver St.

Roosevelt 503-988-3909 6941 N Central St.

Some Clarification: Thank you so much for those who reached out. There is Advisory from 8:30 – 8:50 on Fridays except when there is a full workday or Holiday. Students will then have the rest of Fridays to complete a project (designed to take 60 to 90 minutes) and then catch up on any work. Fridays are a workday for teachers after 8:50 and will not be available. Sincerely, sorry for any confusion.

Have a question about your student’s grade:

  1.  Contact teacher, via phone, email (firstname_lastname@ddsd40.org) or parentvue. If you don’t have access to parentvue, please contact our school secretary: Angela Espinoza, angela_espinoza@ddsd40.org  or 503-256-6511. 
  2. Schedule a meeting with teacher
  3. Attend conferences

Please keep in mind teachers work hours are from 8:00am to 3:30pm. Teachers will not be available during class time.  All Teachers have Office Hours from 8:00am-8:30am and 3:00pm-3:30 Monday – Thursday and 8:00am to 8:30am on Fridays.


Families can request support from our Family Help Desk (Phone: 503.261.8391 e-Mail: family_help_desk@ddsd40.org) but in all actuality there is very little that the DDSD team can do to support weak/slow/spotty Wi-Fi in the home.  Our recommendation is to call your internet provider and ask for assistance.

Student Photos: Until we can get back to school and get student photos, we want to get your student’s photo! Having our student’s photos really helps our educators make every more connections. to have our teachers know your student. Here is the procedure:

  • Use your Smart Phone to take a photo to look more-or-less like a “school picture” (i.e., headshot). Photos should be emailed to: studentphoto@ddsd40.org
  • Please be sure to include enough student information so we can be sure to identify them correctly. Good things to include with the email would be:
    • Name
    • Birthdate
    • Student ID
    • School

Meal Pick up information is also available as a pdf in the following languages:

Food Resources

Nutrition Services

School Supply List during CDL

FLMS Bell Schedule for CDL

Community Resources: Our Counseling page has a list of available resources

FLMS CDL Bell Schedule

News from the Library:

The Floyd Light Virtual Library is OPEN!

Visit the FLMS Virtual Library to put books on hold to pick up! You will find all the information you need on how to check out books from the Library as well as other resources to help you through distance learning. You can also drop any David Douglas School District Library book for any of our schools at the bus stop where you go for meal pick up. You can also bring them to any David Douglas school during meal pick up. Busses will be at the following stops from 11:50 to 12:50.

  • At FLMS
  • 99th and Irving
  • 106th Wasco
Poster: Reading Matters; a student who reads is more likely to score higher on standardized tests.