Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month

News and Information

We are so excited to be celebrating Latinx Heritage Month!

We have had an awesome team of Latinx staff across the district working on this project since before the end of last school year so that we could kick off the month of September 15-October 15 prepared! Our team includes, Aide Valerio-Juarez, Erin Lopez, Guille Garcia, Julieta Luviano, Leslie Farfan, Mahyte Colon-Carrion, Rubi Mejia, Sabrina Sommer, Joanna Gil, Meghan Jacinto, Rosa Nario, Erika Hernandez, Vitor Bastos, and Celeste Casas and Isabella McCarthy Zelaya.

Education: We have five weeks of content that will be coming your way in the form of educational slideshows each Monday. Each week will be focusing on the following topics for Latinx Heritage Month.

  • Week 1: Breakdown of  Hispanic/Latino/x, identity. Who are we?
  • Week 2: How did we get here? Conquest and Colonization
  • Week 3: slideshow: How did we get here? Contemporary Issues facing the Latinx Community
  • Week 4: slideshow: Afro-Latinidad
  • Week 5: Social Justice Movements and Resistance.

Celebration: In addition to the educational slides that we will be providing, we also have an event coming up to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month with the community. It is called El Carnaval del Barrio and it will be taking place on October 2nd at the Portland Mercado from 4 to 8 pm. There will be dance, music, performances, and vendors representing the diversity and richness of our Latinx cultures and communities. Check out the Facebook event page for more information.

Representation: To highlight our incredible DDSD Latinx Community, we would like to encourage Latinx students, families, and staff in our district to take photos and post them on social media using the #SoyDDSD hashtag. Check out these examples!