Bus Pass Program

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About the Program

The David Douglas School District is rolling out a new program for school bus riders. Beginning with the 2022-2023 school year, all eligible riders will be required to register to ride the bus and must carry a badge.

This program is designed to enhance bus rider safety by giving the Transportation Department the ability to track when and where each student gets on and off a district school bus. The District has partnered with a company called Zonar to provide the badges. Students must carry their badge, a Zpass, with them to ride the school bus. The Zpass will be scanned as students enter and exit the bus, recording the card number, location and time. Select district staff and parents will have access to this information. Parents can view ridership information by using ZPass+, a ridership alerts app from Zonar. View the Zpass+ app details below for registration instructions.

The District will begin implementing the program a few schools at a time during winter and spring of 2022. District bus drivers will issue ZPass badges along with lanyards and backpack straps to students currently riding a district school bus.

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