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Message from Mr. Pease:

To Our David Douglas Families,

In conjunction with all the school districts in Multnomah County, the David Douglas School District is adopting changes to the quarantine requirements for those who test positive or who come into close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19.

Under guidelines set this week by Multnomah County Health Department, those who test positive for COVID or who are not up to date on their vaccines will now be required to quarantine at home for five days after confirmed positive test or a close contact, a reduction from the 10 days that were previously required. Anyone, regardless of vaccine status, who has a close contact (15 minutes or longer within 6 feet of someone who has COVID-19) should get a COVID-19 test after five days, if possible. The five days of quarantine should be followed by another five days of extra diligent mask wearing using the most effective mask you have available to you, such as an N95 or KN95.

We no longer require those who have received all the vaccinations for which they are eligible (for adults, this includes booster shots) to quarantine at home if they were in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, as long as they remain free of symptoms.

One important reminder: If you develop symptoms at any time, stay home. 

These new guidelines have been implemented by Multnomah County and have been adopted by David Douglas and the other six school districts in the County. They went into effect starting January 11; anyone who had a close contact before January 10 should follow the previous guidelines that required a 10-day quarantine.

In the coming days or weeks, we expect to announce more changes to guidelines, including for contact tracing and the test to stay. Changes will come as health experts continue to evolve their approach to treat COVID-19 as an endemic (when a virus is more manageable with greater population immunity) more than a pandemic.

In the meantime, please continue to take layered steps to prevent spread of the virus – masks, social distancing, fresh air circulation, hand washing and vaccines. It remains our intent to reopen all of our schools for in-person instruction on Tuesday, Jan. 18, with the exception of Earl Boyles Elementary, which will reopen in remote learning. We will be in communication with you with any changes.

Take Steps to Stay Safe and Slow the Virus

Please help us to slow the spread of this new variant. A layered safety response is known to dramatically slow the spread of the virus: 

  • Wear masks;
  • Socially distance from others;
  • Wash your hands;
  • Avoid crowds;
  • Ventilate indoor spaces where and when possible.

Most importantly, all who are eligible should get fully vaccinated, and those who are fully vaccinated should get a booster as soon as they are eligible to receive one. The vaccines are proven to be the most effective way to slow the spread of the virus and prevent serious illness, hospitalization and death for those who do get infected. For your family’s sake, and for the health of our community, please get vaccinated if you haven’t already.

Students aged 5 and older, as well as their families, can schedule a vaccine shot at the Student Health Clinic on the campus of David Douglas High School. It hosts vaccine clinics twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. See more information here.

Our District website has information on additional opportunities to receive a vaccine in our area. View them here.

Test to Stay testing consent forms

We will soon begin our new test-to-stay program, which will allow unvaccinated students and staff who were exposed but are not showing symptoms to stay in school. You received information about this new program prior to winter break.

Get a head start on allowing your student to be tested by filling out the test consenting form. Students 15 and over can fill out their own consent forms. Parents/guardians can fill out a form for younger students. You can pick up a form from your child’s school, or download the linked forms below, fill them out and return them to your child’s school.

Dear Parent,

As part of the Floyd Light Title I School Improvement Plan, we are asking that you and your child join us in signing a voluntary written agreement (or compact) that expresses support of your child’s education and commits everyone involved in your child’s education to helping him/her reach his/her full potential as a learner.


All of the prior immunizations to be in school are still in effect. However, the COVID vaccine is not required at this time. However, if you want to let us know your student is COVID vaccinated, please send a copy of the vaccinated card, and we will record it. Bring it to the Student Center in the office. When we need to quarantine students, this record would be a tremendous help. Please know that this is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY!

Remind your Student(s):

Bring the Chromebook/charger and water bottle EVERY SINGLE DAY! Thank you!

Social Media:

I am NOT anti social media. However, there are a few trends that involve illegal acts. Please mention to your student that these types of acts are not to be done at school (one involves actually assaulting people!). They will result in consequences – sometimes very severe consequences. Thank you.

School Schedule:

  • We will be in school Monday through Friday.
  • On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, the school day will be 8:20 to 3:00.
  • Late start Wednesdays will be 9:40 to 3:00.
  • We will be following the vaccine and mask mandates.

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  • 29 Jan

    6th Grade Boys Basketball Games

    9:00 am - 10:00 am
    Ron Russell Middle School, 3955 SE 112th Ave, Portland, OR 97266, USA

  • 18 Feb

    Early Release At 11:20AM - PM Parent Communication/Prof.Development

  • 21 Feb

    No School - President's Day

  • 21 Mar- 25 Mar

    No School - Spring Break

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    Grades K-5: No school

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    Fir Ridge Campus: No school

  • 10 Feb

    School Board Meeting

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    Fir Ridge Campus and Community Transition Program: No school