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Dear Floyd Light Community,

The Falcon staff welcomes you to Floyd Light Middle School! This year we will continue the high quality education and inviting environment you have heard about or already experienced. Since taking this position, I have heard nothing but great things about Floyd Light. We understand that middle school is truly a transition time for your student with unique needs – he/she is not an older elementary student or a junior high school student. We take these middle school needs into consideration when developing all of our policies and procedures.

We offer a rigorous academic program that includes language arts, social studies, science, and math. In addition, we are extremely proud of our elective program. While many middle schools are eliminating their program offerings, we continue to offer high-level performance-based and production-based classes. In addition, for students not on grade level, we required targeted intervention classes. In other words, we ensure growth for each and every one of our students.

We encourage all our students to get involved in co-curricular activities. Students involved in these activities generally do better in school. Music, drama, student government, and/or athletics are a great way for students to establish a deeper relationship with their classmates and staff. This relationship makes them feel a part of something bigger than themselves – an essential learning for middle school students.

Finally, our students can only reach their potential with families’ active involvement at Floyd Light. Families are our student’s first and most important teachers. Even though most students beg their families to not get involved, it is important that they do! The stronger the home/school relationship, the better chance our students have to succeed.

Do not hesitate contacting me with any clarifications or questions. We are very excited for another outstanding year here at Floyd Light!

Doug Pease, Principal


Summer Break

Thank you, Floyd Light Community, for a wonderful 2013-2014 school year! I hope all of you have a safe and relaxing summer. The building will be closed all summer, so the front office staff will be located at Ron Russel Middle School. Our number will ring through.

Office Contacts

10800 SE Washington St

Portland, Oregon 97216

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Fax: 503-261-8423


Doug Pease

Vice Principal
Chris Stevens

Sean Betker
Samantha Charles

Head Secretary
Lili Olmos

Attendance Secretary
Debbie Stevens

School Calendar

Oct - Dec

Fall Sun Classes Begin

Floyd Light Middle School, 10800 SE Washington St, Portland, OR, United States


6th Grade Volleyball

Dexter McCarty Middle School, 1400 SE 5th St, Gresham, OR 97080, United States


Daylight Saving Time ends


7th Grade Volleyball

Gordon Russell Middle School, 3625 SE Powell Valley Rd, Gresham, OR 97080, United States

District Events


Daylight Savings Time Ends

Move clocks back one hour.


Fir Ridge Campus No School


Grades K-12 & Community Transition Program - No School (except Fir Ridge Campus)


Veteran's Day

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